Junior Girls Field Hockey

V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Girls Field Hockey

Rules and Regulations

Traditional 12 Team JG Field Hockey Island Championship Rules & Regulations
These rules and regulations have not been in use for several years due to the small number of Junior Field Hockey teams.  Currently t
eams will communicate with the Tournament Contact to express an interest in participating in an Island Championship and a tournament will be designed according to the needs of the group.

Rules & Regulations for Developmental Girls Field Hockey Island Championship


Win by 2+ goals = 4 points
Win by 1 goal = 3 points
Tie with goals = 2 points
Tie without goals = 1 point

Tie Breaker in Pools:
If two or more teams have the same number of points on the completion of the round robin, the following criteria shall be used, in order, to determine the final standings:
a) Previous Match Result: the winner of the match between two teams tied in points shall be awarded the higher position (not applicable if three (3) or more teams are tied).
b) If there remains equality among two or more teams, the team with the higher goal difference (which means “goals for” less “goals against”) shall assume the higher position. A positive goal difference always takes precedence over a negative one. Goal difference shall be calculated by subtracting Goals conceded from Goals scored. A maximum of five (5) goals shall be awarded in each game. (Example: a 5 – 0 score (5 goal difference), a 7 – 1 score (5 goal difference), a 7 – 3 score (4 goal difference. Goal difference will only be used for the matches between the teams that are tied.
c)  If this number is the same, then the team having the least number of “goals against” shall assume the higher position.
d) If the teams are still tied, you have a shootout competition.

Tie Breaker in Championship Round:
Penalty Shootout (8 seconds, 5 shooters), if still tied…
Sudden Death Penalty Shootout.

2016 Current Tournament Information

Date:  Monday, October 24, 2016

Tournament Contact:  Laura Harrison – Dover Bay

Entry Fee:  $200 payable to Brentwood College School


Pool A                                            Pool B
BCS 1 (Brentwood 1)                      BCS 2 (Brentwood 2)
Dover Bay                                         Mark Isfeld
SMUS                                                Oak Bay
GP Vanier                                         Reynolds

Pool Games: 2 x 20 minute halves (no overtime or shootouts).

Field #1                                                             Field #2

8:30 am      BCS 1 vs Dover Bay                       SMUS vs GP Vanier

9:30 am      BCS 2 vs Oak Bay                          Mark Isfeld vs Reynolds

10:30 am    BCS 1 vs SMUS                              Dover Bay vs GP Vanier

11:30 am     Oak Bay vs Mark Isfeld                BCS 2 vs Reynolds

12:30 am     BCS 1 vs GP Vanier                       Dover Bay vs SMUS

1:30 pm       Oak Bay vs Reynolds                     BCS 2 vs Mark Isfeld

2:30 pm       3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B                 4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B

3:30 pm       1st Pool A vs 1st Pool B                   2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B


2014 Tournament Information

Date:  Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tournament Director:  Benjamin Koepp

Location:  Shawnigan Lake School

Entry Fee:  $140 Payable to Shawnigan Lake School

Participating Teams
Shawnigan A
Shawnigan B

2014 Junior FH Island Championships Schedule

 2014 Island Championship Results

Shawnigan A
2. GNS
3. Brentwood
5. QMS
6. Shawnigan B
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