Junior Boys

V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Boys Volleyball

Rules and Regulations

Updated from June 2016 VISSAA AGM

1.  The Junior Boys Volleyball Island Championship shall consist of 8 teams.  The teams will be divided into two pools of four teams followed by playoffs.

2.  Volleyball Canada rules in effect.  All matches are best 2/3 sets.  First two sets to 25 points and third set to 15 points.  No cap in any sets.

3.  Points to be awarded as follows.  Win – 1 point per set.  Loss – no point.

4.  Volleyball Canada tie-breaking procedures will be followed after the round robin in the two pools.  The following criteria will be applied, in order, until all ties are broken.  In the event of three (3) or more teams tied, the criteria will continue to be applied in sequence if two (2) teams remain tied.  For instance, if the second criteria determines that Team A wins, and Team B and Team C are still tied, the third criteria will be applied to break the remaining tie (do not return to the beginning).

  1. Matches won/lost between tied teams.
  2. Matches won/lost over the whole round.
  3. Sets won/lost between the tied teams.
  4. Sets won/lost over the whole round.
  5. Points for/against between the tied teams.
  6. Points for/against over the whole round.
  7. Coin toss.

5.  All teams advance to playoffs.  Playoffs shall be best 2/3 sets.  Playoffs are to follow the following format.

a) 3rd A vs 2nd B  (Game 1)                            
b) 3rd B vs 2nd A  (Game 2)

c) 4th A vs 4th B  (Game 3 for 7th/8th)                            
d) Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2  (Game 4 for 5th/6th)

e) 1st A vs Winner of Game 1  (Game 5 – Semifinal)                
f) 1st B vs Winner of Game 2  (Game 6 – Semifinal)

g) Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 6  (Game 7 for 1st/2nd)      
h) Loser of Game 5 vs Loser of Game 6  (Game 8 for 3rd/4th)

6.  The championship shall begin at noon on Friday.  Matches are to be one hour and 15 minute time slots. 

7.  The net height for the boys will be 2.35 metres.

8.  The Tournament Draw shall be as follows depending upon the host area and upon berthing.  The following are sample draws if there are 3 berths from one area, 3 plus the host for another area and 1 for the central area.  The host school takes the berth appropriate for their rank in their area.  As all templates for the draws have not yet been created, the draw must be confirmed as accurate by the VISSAA Executive.


 A: South Host B: North Host C: Mid Host
Pool 1: S1, N2, S4, N3 Pool 1: N1, S2, N4, M1 Pool 1: M1, N2, N3, S1
Pool 2: S2, N1, S3, M1 Pool 2: N2, S1, N3, S3 Pool 2: M2, N1, S2, S3

9. The host school will try to provide qualified (trained) minor officials but when it is not possible it will be up to the teams playing to supply one scorekeeper and one lines person for their match (this could be players, parents or teams sitting off).

10.  Dates of the Junior Girls and Junior Boys Volleyball Island Championships must coincide on a continual basis.

11.  A Coaches’ Meeting will be held during the Island Championship to discuss recommendations and tournament business.

New as of June 2012  Berthing for the Junior Girls and Junior Boys Island Volleyball Championships will be determined by ARTICLE X -ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Berthing Information  A proportional representation system will be used to allocate berthing for the V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Girls and Junior Boys Island Championships.

The region with the most participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the largest portion of available berths.

The region with the next most participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the next largest portion of the available berths.

The region with the fewest number of participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the smallest portion of the available berths.

The 8th berth goes to the ‘host’ school.

All teams must have participated in, and will be seeded from the results of their area championship.

No region will ever be allocated less than one berth (not including the host berth).

In the event that all regions have an equal number of teams, the one remaining 7th berth will be allocated by a play-off game, at a mutually agreed upon neutral location, between the third place teams of the two non-host regions.

The 3 area presidents will collaborate to establish and approve the tournament templates.

To help form the tournament draw, the host zone will have their #1 seeded team placed in the pool separate from the other 2 area’s first seeded team.

The allocation of berths to a region is weighted by dividing the number of teams in that region by the quotient. The quotient is figured out by dividing the total number of participating teams by the total number of available berths, which in this case is 7. The 8th berth is granted to the host region school/team. The number of berths for each region will then be rounded using standard rounding procedures.

Example:  North has 10 teams, Mid has 7 teams and South has 8 teams for a total of  25 teams.  25 (total teams)/7 (available berths) = quotient

25/7=3.57 (quotient)
10 teams (North)/3.57 = 2.80 rounded = 3 berths,
7 teams (Mid)/3.57 = 1.96 rounded = 2 berths,
8 teams (South)/3.57 = 2.24 rounded = 2 berths.

16/7=2.28 (quotient)
5 teams (North)/2.28 = 2.19 rounded = 2 berths,
2 teams (Mid)/2.28 = 0.87 rounded = 1 berth,
9 teams (South)/2.28 = 3.94 rounded = 4 berths.

The number of participating teams in each sport for each zone will be determined from those registered with BCSS.  Only teams registered with BCSS in accordance with their registration rules and regulations will be considered as a participating team for the purpose of berthing allocations.

2016 JB Volleyball Island Championship

Date:  November 18 & 19, 2016
:  Claremont
Tournament Contact
:  Johann Cherry

Click for 2016 JB VB Island Championship Draw and Information
2016 JB VB Island Championship Draw & Information

 2016 JB VB Island Championship – Final Results
1. Claremont
2. Mark Isfeld
3. Pacific Christian
4. Oak Bay
5. Reynolds
6. Timberline
7. Dover Bay
8. Gulf Islands
2016 JB VB Island Championship – Day Two Playoff Schedule
9:30 (Game 1) Timberline A3 vs B2 Mark Isfeld
9:30 (Game 2) Oak Bay B3 vs A2 Reynolds

11:30 (Game 3) Dover Bay A4 vs B4 Gulf Islands – 7th/8th
11:30 (Game 4) Loser of Game 1 (Timberline) & Loser of Game 2 (Reynolds) – 5th/6th

12:45 (Game 5) PCS A1 vs Winner of Game 1 (Mark Isfeld) – Semifinal
12:45 (Game 6) Claremont B1 vs Winner of Game 2 (Oak Bay) – Semifinal

2:15 (Game 7) Winner of Game 5 (Mark Isfeld) vs Winner of Game 6 (Claremont) – 1st/2nd
2:15 (Game 8) Loser of Game 5 (PCS) vs Loser of Game 6 (Oak Bay) – 3rd/4th
2016 JB VB Island Championship – Day One Results
Pool A Pool B
A1 PCS – 3 Wins B1 Claremont – 3 Wins
A2 Reynolds – 2 Wins 1 Loss B2 Mark Isfeld – 2 Wins 1 Loss
A3 Timberline – 1 Win 2 Losses B3 Oak Bay – 1 Win 2 Losses
A4 Dover Bay – 3 Losses B4 Gulf Islands – 3 Losses
2016 JB VB Island Championship
Pool A Pool B
South #1 – Pacific Christian North #1 – Mark Isfeld
North #2 – Dover Bay South #2 – Oak Bay High
South #4 – Reynolds South #3 – Claremont
North #3 – Timberline Central #1 – Gulf Islands

2015 Championship Information

Click for 2015 JB VB Island Championship Draw and Information
2015 JB Volleyball Island Championship Draw and Information

2014 Championship Information

2014 Junior Boys Island Volleyball Championship

Date:  November 21 & 22, 2014

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary
1551 Lerwick Road, Courtenay, BC  V9N 9B5
(250) 334.2428  Phone
(250) 334.0659  Fax

Tournament Coordinator:  Peter Lineger

Entry Fee:  $225.00  Please make cheque payable to Mark R. Isfeld Secondary.

Format:  All matches are best 2/3.  First two games to 25 and third game to 15. No cap in any games.  Teams will get a 4-4-2 warm up.  Matches will start on time.

Rules:  Volleyball Canada rules in effect.

Officials:  Certified referee will be provided for each match.  Two certified officials will do the medal games.  Minor officials will be provided by the host. 

Awards:  Island trophy for winning team.  Keeper trophies for the top 3 teams and medals for the top 3 teams. 

Accommodation:  Coast Westerly, Port Augusta, Sleepy Hollow, Travelodge, River Heights, Crown Isle Golf Course, Holiday Inn Express (rooms that accommodate 6 people).

Food:  All fast food outlets and grocery store within a 5 minute drive.

2014 Junior Boys Island Championship
November 21 & 22

Pool A                                         Pool B

N1  Mark Isfeld                           S1  Reynolds
S2  Oak Bay                                 N2  Woodlands
M1  Duncan Christian               N3  Dover Bay
N4  Ballenas                                S3  Pacific Christian

FRIDAY                     POOL PLAY            2/3

                             Court 1                           Court 2

12:00-1:15           N1 vs N4                                  N2 vs N3
1:30-2:45             S2 vs M1                                 N2 vs S3
3:00-4:15             N1 vs M1                                 S1 vs N3
4:30-5:45             S2 vs N4                                 S1 vs N2
6:00-7:15              N1 vs S2                                  S3 vs N3
7:30-8:15             M1 vs N4                                S1 vs S3

All teams advance to Saturday.

SATURDAY                    FINALS            2/3

                                   Court 1                            Court 2

9:00-10:15                      1                                                        2
10:30                             Coaches’ Meeting
11:15-12:30                     3                                                       4
12:45-2:00                       5                                                       6
2:30-3:45                        8  (Championship)                        7  (Bronze)

 3:50 – 4:00  Awards

Good Luck!!!!!

2013 Championship Information

1st. Dover Bay
2nd. Pacific Christian
3rd. Claremont
4th. Belmont
5th. Chemainus
6th. Gulf Islands
7th. Woodlands
8th. Timberline
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