Junior Girls

V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Girls Volleyball

Rules and Regulations

Updated October 5, 2016

1.  The JG Volleyball Island Championship shall consist of 12 teams as a one year trial with berthing allocation for 11 teams based on proportional representation from the three areas (North, Central and South) plus the host school.  Passed at the 2016 June AGM.

2. The VISSAA will employ the 25-point (deuce) rule.

3.  All matches are best two out of three.  Games 1 and 2 will be the 25 point (deuce) rule with no cap.  The third game if necessary will be a 15 point (deuce) rule with no cap.

4.  Points to be awarded as follows.  Win – 1 point per set.  Loss – no point.

5.  CVA tie-breaking procedures will be followed after the round robin.  The following criteria will be applied, in order, until all ties are broken.  In the event of three (3) or more teams tied, the criteria will continue to be applied in sequence if two (2) teams remain tied.  For instance, if the second criteria determines that Team A wins, and Team B and C are still tied, the third criteria will be applied to break the remaining tie (do not return to the beginning).

  1. Matches won/lost between tied teams.
  2. Matches won/lost over the whole round.
  3. Sets won/lost between the tied teams.
  4. Sets won/lost over the whole round.
  5. Points for/against between the tied teams.
  6. Points for/against over the whole round.
  7. Coin toss.

6.  The Championship Round shall be best two out of three set matches.  All teams advance to playoffs.  Championship games to follow the following format.

7.  Tournament play shall begin at Noon on Friday. Matches are to be one hour time slots.

8.  The net height is 2.20 metres.  Updated November 2016.

9.  The Tournament draw is being finalized.  The host school takes the berth appropriate for their rank in their area.

10.  The lines and scoring duties shall be included in the tournament draw for the playoff round.  The closest school not involved in the playoffs should line and score the playoffs.

11.  Dates for the Junior Girls and Junior Boys Island Championships must coincide on a continual basis.

12.  A Coaches’ Meeting will be held during the tournament to discuss recommendations and tournament business.

The number of participating teams in each sport for each area will be determined from those registered with BCSS.  Only teams registered with BCSS in accordance with their registration rules and regulations will be considered as a participating team for the purpose of berthing allocations.


2016 JG Volleyball Island Championship

Date:  November 18 & 19, 2016
:  Timberline
Tournament Contact
:  Chris Cottell

Click for 2016 JG VB Island Championship AMENDED DRAW and Information.
2016 JG VB Island Championship AMENDED DRAW and Information

2016 JG VB Island Championship
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1. S1 Reynolds 4. N1 Dover Bay 7. C1 Brentwood 10. N2 NDSS
2. N4 Port Alberni 5. S3 Pacific Christian 8. N3 Carihi 11. S2 Belmont
3. C2 Lake Cowichan 6. N5 Brooks 9. S4 Claremont 12. Host Timberline

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