Girls AAA

V.I.S.S.A.A. Senior Girls AAA Volleyball

Rules and Regulations

The SG AAA Volleyball Island Championship shall consist of 8 teams.  The teams will be divided into two pools of four teams followed by playoffs.
The Island Championship date is set two weeks prior to the Provincial Championship.

Pool Composition

Pool A Pool B
South 1 North 1
South 4 North 4
North 2 South 2
North 3 South 3

Pool composition may change depending on the seeding and the number of teams from each region.

Friday Games – Round Robin.  Game times are set to avoid defaults.

Time Pool A Pool B
12:00 N1 vs N3 S1 vs N3
1:15 S2 vs N4 N2 vs S4
2:30 N1 vs N4 S1 vs S4
3:45 S2 vs S3 N2 vs N3
5:00 S3 vs S4 N3 vs N4
6:15 N1 vs S2 S1 vs N2

Saturday Games – Playoffs.  Game times are set to avoid

Time Game Game
10:00 1: 2nd A vs 3rd B (2/3) 2: 2nd B vs 3rd A (2/3)
11:30 3: 4th A vs 4th B (2/3)  
12:45 4: 1st A vs Winner Game 2 (3/5)  
2:30  5: 1st B vs winner Game 1 (3/5)  
5:30  Bronze Game: Loser Game 4 vs Loser Game 5 (3/5)  
7:15  Gold Game: Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 5 (3/5)  

The draw incorporates the best 3/5 format which is important for teams advancing to the BC Championships.  The draw produces a bronze medal match in which the winner receives the bronze medal and the Wild Card Berth, if one exists. 

Berths: The North Island and South Island Berths will be allocated based on the number of registered teams in each region.  If a difference of three or more registrations exists between the regions, the region with the greater number of registrations shall be allocated with an additional berth.

Host Region:  The Island Championship will follow the following pattern: North, North, South.  A host region may voluntarily give up its host responsibilities if the other region wishes to host.  The rotation continues with its normal pattern after the year.  This means  the North could potentially host 5 years in a row.

Penalty for no host: If  a region fails to provide a host for the Island Championship at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the championship, then the host region will be penalized by losing one berth to the Island Championship. 

2016 SG AAA Volleyball Island Championship

Date:  November 18 & 19, 2016
Location:  SMUS
Tournament Contacts:  Lindsay Brooke and Melanie Bendfeld

Click for 2016 SG AAA Volleyball Island Draw.
2016 SG AAA Volleyball Island Championship Draw

Click for 2016 SG AAA Volleyball Island Championship Information.
2016 SG AAA Volleyball Island Championship Information

2016 SG AAA VB Island Championship
Pool A Pool B
South #1 – SMUS North #1 – Brooks
North #2 – Timberline South #2 – Stelly’s
South #3 – Vic High North #3 – Mark Isfeld
North #4 – Carihi North #5 – NDSS

2012 Championship Information

Tournament Contact: Kristine Thompson – (778) 992-1234

Location: Parkland Secondary – 10640 McDonald Park Road, Sidney, BC Canada, V8L 5S7 (250) 655-2700

Dates: November 16th – 17th, 2012

Fees: $250.00 payable to “Parkland Secondary School”

T-SHIRT ORDER FORM must be in to Kristine Thompson Nov. 15th at 9:00 to place the order.

Pool A Pool B
NDSS Bellenas
Timerline Carihi
Esquimalt Claremont
Wellington Mark Isfeld
Frances Kelsey Parkland 

Friday: Nov. 16th 2012

Court 1
Court 2
10:00 am
Timberline vs. Frances Kelsey
Esquimalt vs. Wellington
11:05 am
NDSS vs. Frences Kelsey
Timberline vs. Esquimalt
12:10 pm
Carihi vs. Parkland
Claremont vs. Mark Isfeld
1:15 pm
Ballenas vs. Parkland
Carihi vs.Claremont
2:20 pm
NDSS vs. Wellington
Esquimalt vs. Frances Kelsey
3:25 pm
Timberline vs. Wellington
NDSS vs. Esquimalt
4:30 pm
Ballenas vs. Mark Isfeld
Claremont vs. Parkland
5:35 pm
Carihi vs. Mark Isfeld
Ballenas vs. Claremont
6:30 pm
NDSS vs. Timberline
Wellington vs. Frances Kelsey
7:35 pm
Ballenas vs. Carihi
Mark Isfled vs. Parkland

Saturday: Nov. 17th 2012     

Court 1
Court 2
9:00 am
1- 4th A vs. 5th B
2- 4th B vs. 5th A
10:10 am
3- 2ndB vs. 3rdA
4- 2nd A vs. 3rd B
11:20 am
5- L1 vs. L2 (9th/10th) 2/3
12:30 pm
6- 1stA vs W3
7- 1st B vs. W 4 (3/5)
2:00 pm
——– AGM – all coaches must attend ——–
3:00 pm
8- L3 vs L4 (5th/6th) 2/3
9- W1 vs. W2 (7th/8th) 2/3
4:10 pm
10- W6 vs. W7 (Gold) 3/5
11- L6 vs. L7 (Bronze) 3/5

*** Awards presentation willfollow the final***

– Top 3 temas advance to B.C. Championships at Crofton House, Nov. 29th- Dec. 1st.

**** 4th Place team advances to Wildcard tourny, hosted by Okanagan on Nov. 24th 2012.

2012 AGM Resolutions


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