Girls AAAA

V.I.S.S.A.A. Senior Girls AAAA Volleyball

Rules and Regulations

1. The Island Zone is divided into two regions. The South is all schools in Greater Victoria: Districts 61, 62, and 63. The North is all other school districts on Vancouver Island as well as Gulf Islands (64) and Powell River (47).

2. The Island Tournament is an eight team, two-pool format with playoffs to be held two weekends before the Provincial Championships. Four teams, or three teams plus the host (depending on the site rotation of the Island Championships) qualify from each region of Vancouver Island. These four teams reflect the top four placings, or top three plus host, upon completion of league play or regional playoffs.

If the difference of registered schools by region is greater than two, then the region with the higher number is entitled to an additional berth. Example: if South had 8 participating schools and North had 5 participating schools, then the difference is greater than two and South would be given an additional berth to the Tournament. Tournament host and Zone Rep will be given this information prior to the Island Championship.

3. A perpetual first place trophy will be awarded. Other awards such as medals, t-shirts, all-stars, or sportsmanship awards are to be determined/obtained at the host’s discretion.

4. The Island AGM will be held at some time during the Island Championship. The time and location is to be determined by the host and the Island Rep. The AGM is open to ALL AAAA coaches in the Island Zone. All coaches whose teams have qualified for the tournament are expected to attend. Any coach who wishes to have an item put on the agenda for discussion may do so and should contact either the tournament host or Island Rep. The Island Rep will chair the meeting. Minutes of the Island AGM should be circulated to all coaches within two weeks of the meeting date.

5. The Island Championship alternates from the North to the South region each year. If a host school is not determined at the Island AGM then the host region will make a decision at the beginning of the following season.

6. If the B.C. AGM is held at the Provincial Championship, the Island Rep or designate and any other interested coaches will represent the Island Zone.

2016 SG 4A Volleyball Island Championship

Click for 2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Draw as a Google Doc
2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Draw

Click for 2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Draw as a Word Document
2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Draw

Click for 2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Results as a Google Sheet  Sheet A is Pool Results and Sheet B is Playoff Results
2016 SG 4A VB Island Championship Results

Pool A Pool B
S1 – Mount Doug N1 – Dover Bay
N2 – Cowichan S2 – Belmont
S3 – Oak Bay
S4 – Claremont
S6 – Spectrum
S5 – Reynolds

2014 Championship Information

2014 AAAA Girls Volleyball Island Championships
Hosted by Oak Bay 

Pool A Pool B
1- N1 Vanier 1- S1 Oak Bay
2- S2 Claremont 2- N2 Cowichan
3- S4 Stelly’s 3- S3 Belmont
4- S6 Mount Doug 4- S5 Spectrum 

Friday, November 14

  Court 1 (New Gym) Court 2 (West)
11:00 B1-B4 A1-A4
12:10 B2-B3 A2-A3
1:20 B1-B2 A1-A2
2:30 Court Change Coaches’ Meeting
3:40 A3-A4 B3-B4
4:50 A1-A3 B1-B3
6:00 A2-A4 B2-B4 

Saturday, November 15   Top teams advance to semi-finals.

  Court 1 Court 2
9:30 (1) 2nd B vs 3rd A (2) 2nd A vs 3rd B
10:45 (3) 4th B vs L1 (4) 4th A vs L2
12:00 (5) 1st B vs W2 (3/5) (6) 1st A vs W1 (3/5)
2:00 (7) W3 vs W4 (5th/6th) (8) L3 vs L4 (7th/8th)
3:30 W5 vs W6 (Gold)(3/5) L5 vs L6 (Bronze) (2/3)

As of now, one of our new gyms is still under construction.  We will not know until closer to Islands if it will be ready or not.  If it is not ready, we will be using our smaller new gym located in the part of the building that is under construction and the West Gym which is located in the part of the school that is located closer to Oak Bay Rec Centre.  I will email you the update on this closer to Islands.

All BC Senior Girls Volleyball Association rules in effect, including net/centre line/roof rules.  Teams will be guaranteed 5-5 warm-up regardless if tournament is on time or not.  If tournament is running ahead of schedule games will still start on the scheduled time. 

Minor Officials – Our school will try our best to supply as many minor officials as possible but please be prepared to supply your own.

Entry Fee – $225, cheques payable to Oak Bay High School.  T-Shirt orders must be on a separate cheque made payable to Passion Sports. 

T-shirts – orders need to be in by 5pm on Sunday, Nov 9th to ensure Friday delivery at the venue. Coaches, collect your orders as a team and then please email all orders directly to Chris Abra at Passion Sports.  250-590-8114.  Since all teams on the Island are qualifying this year, if we can get the orders in sooner than the deadline it would be greatly appreciated. *it doesn’t say on the order form, but all school names will be printed on the back of the t-shirt. 

 Concession Stand- There will be a concession stand on site located closest to the “New” gym.  We will be selling various things such as water, juice, snacks, pizza, fruit, coffee, and tea.  There will be a Coaches’ Room that will have food such as fruit, vegetables, water, juice, and sandwiches.

Top team qualifies for Provincial Championships Nov 27-29 @ Mt Baker (Cranbrook).  Contact is Dan Noble  /

Any questions?  Please email me at –

Scott Millington

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