The V.I.S.S.A.A. is an association of schools on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Powell River whose mandate is to promote regional interschool competition for its membership. The aims and objective of the association shall be consistent with the goals set forth by the Ministry of Education. The Association promotes fair play and upholds the values of providing opportunities for healthy competition.

The VISSAA recognizes the physical, social and emotional benefits derived from athletics and pursues the spirit of sports to complement community values.


1.1 a) The “Association” means the Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Athletic Association

b) “Executive” means officers of the Association, for the time being

c) “Registered Address” of the member means his or her address as recorded in the Register of Members (Treasurer)

d) “Notice of Motion” refers to the requirement to circulate a motion to the membership 2 weeks in advance of the ABM

1.2 The constitution, bylaws and regulations become valid upon resolution of the membership

1.3 Words imparting the singular include the plural and vice-versa; and words imparting the neuter include the masculine and the feminine gender.


2.1 In these By-Laws, Member is defined as follows:

Any public or independent school containing students in Grades 9 – 12 in the Vancouver Island area in B C which has applied for membership in the Association and has been accepted in accordance with the By-Laws (hereinafter Member School)

2.2 A school may apply to the Executive for membership in the Association and upon acceptance by the Executive shall be a Member .

2.3 Every Member shall uphold the Constitutio and compy with these by-Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the Association pursuant thereto.

2.4 Each school shall be required to pay annual membership fees on or before October 15 for current school year as set by the VISSAA at the annual general meeting

2.5 A member shall cease to be a member:

a) Where there is a failure, neglect or a refusal to pay any dues for thirty (30) days from the date when the same became due and payable, unless the Executive by resolution shall grant a further extension

b) On acceptance by the Executive of the written resignation of any member.

2.6 a) A member may be expelled by Special Resolution of the members passed at a General Meeting;

b) The Notice of Special Resolution for expulsion shall be accompanied by a brief statement of the reason or reasons for the proposed expulsion;

c) The member who is the subject of the proposed resolution for expulsion shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the General Meeting before the special resolution is put to a vote.

2.7 a) All members are in good standing except a member who has failed to pay his or her current annual membership fee or any other subscription or debt due and owing by him or her to the society and he or she are not in good standing so long as the debt remains unpaid.

b) The minimum charge per school is updated to $50.00 in June 2012

c) Schools whose fees have not been received by October 15th of the current school year may become members by submitting the required fee. Any school that is not a member by October 31st will not be considered for membership for the current year and will therefore not be eligible for any VISSAA competitions for the remainder of that school year.

2.8 a) In case of a district being is dispute, that districts schools who are members of the VISSAA be prevented from competing for an Island Championship (as per BCTF Guidelines) until that district is no longer in dispute.

b) This body’s membership shall not participate in extra-curricular activities with any district whose local leaders are involved in any kind of job action or strike.


3.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on a date set by executive to best suit the needs of the association. All Association members shall be notified at least one (1) month in advance of the set date.

3.2 Other meetings, whether General or Special, may be convened by order of the Executive for any time and at any place, and 14 days written notice is required.

3.3 Meetings, General or Special, may be called by demand of 10% or more of the general membership schools.

3.4 An agenda will be circulated to all schools two (2) weeks prior to the A.G.M.


4.1 The rules of procedure at an Annual General or Special meeting shall be determined by the Executive Officers, or, if any member objects, the Roberts’ Rules of Order shall apply.

4.2 When the Island Executive believes circumstances warrant a census of the membership be taken, it shall do so and shall follow listed protocols:

  • Background information will be faxed or mailed to each member school. As per the constitution, this electronic meeting will have 14 days written notice. An extension of 2 days, beyond the 14 days notice, will be given to convene ad hoc meetings in respective zones or districts to discuss the issue. Mailed or facsimile response must be endorsed (signed) by both Athletic Director and School Principal/Headmaster and received by the deadline to be valid.

4.3 A quorum for the transaction of business at any Annual, General or Special meeting Association shall be 50% of the membership as they appear on the membership rolls, with at least one representative from each zone.

4.4 Voting rights of members:

a) Each member school at the A.G.M. shall have one (1) vote on the general meeting matters providing they have one representative in attendance. There will be no proxy votes.

b) Voting is by show of voting cards to be issued at registration. A majority vote is 51%.

c) Votes will not be counted at the A.G.M. unless the vote is questioned.


5.1 The Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Athletic Association shall operate through:

a) The regional athletic associations: LVISSAA( jr and sr), NVISSAA (jr and sr) CVISSAA (jrs only)

b)The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

c)The Executive

d) The Executive and the Executive Committee

5.2 Executive Officers

a) The Executive Officers shall consist of a President, three (3) Vice Presidents, Past President, Secretary and a Treasurer

b) The President shall be elected from any region for a two year term

Three (3) Vice-Presidents will be elected annually – each region must be represented by a Vice-President.

  • i. Vice-President is charge of Constitution and By-Laws: duties are to see that any changes or additions to the Constitution and the By-Laws are implemented.
  • ii. Vice President in charge of Tournament Coordination: duties include supervision of trophies, tournament rotation, calendar of events and ensuring that Tournament Chairpersons are fully informed.
  • iii. Vice President in charge of Sport Handbooks: duties include the updating of any Rules and Game Regulation changes.
  • iv. Past President acts as an advisory person to the chair and is nomination chairperson.

c)The Secretary shall be appointed annually by the President

d) 4 regional Delegates to the Executive Committee shall be appointed by each of the three regional athletic associations: LVISSAA (jr and sr), NVISSAA (jr and sr), CVISSAA (jrs only)

e)The Executive Officers shall assume office at the conclusion of the General Meeting in June

f) At least two (2) weeks notice should be given prior to Executive meetings. Executive meetings may take place by tele-conference call.

5.3 Duties of the Executive Officers

a) President

  • i. to call meetings
  • ii. to preside at all meetings
  • iii. to appoint a Complaints Committee if required
  • iv. to cast a deciding vote in case of a tie
  • v. to be as ex-officio of all commissions and committee

b) The Vice President in charge of the Constitution and By-Laws shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the latter. If both are absent, the Vice President in charge of Tournament Coordination, followed by the Vice President in charge of Handbook shall assume the duties of the President.

c) Treasurer

  • i.The treasurer shall be responsible for the opening of a bank account in a chartered bank or trust company in which funds of the VISSAA are deposited
  • ii. Withdrawls made by cheque shall be co-signed by the Treasurer and one other Executive Officer
  • iii. The authorization forms for signing officers must be endorsed by the previous President and the Treasurer
  • iv.. The Treasurer shall attend all financial matters and submit a signed and audited income and expense statement and balance sheet for each year upon the date of the AGM.

d) Secretary

  • i.shall make, keep and publish minutes of all meetings
  • ii. shall circulate minutes of meetings within ten (10) days of the meeting
  • iii. shall deal with the correspondence of the association and perform such duties necessary to carrying out the constitution and by-laws as the officers of the association shall direct.

5.4 Executive Commmitee

a) The Executive Committee shall consist of:

  • i Executive
  • ii association delegates (12)
  • iii. the Administrative representative (appointed from the president’s association)

b) The Executive Committee shall meet at least three (3) times a year at the discretion of the President

c)The Executive or Executive Committee shall interpret the Constitution and By-Laws and shall make such rules and regulations as deemed necessary to facilitate the functioning of the Association for ratification at a special meeting or the next A.G.M.

  • i. Constitution and By-Law changes shall be submitted to the Vice President in charge of the Constitution and By-Laws
  • ii. The decisions of the Executive or Executive Committee are binding unless changed at the next meeting of the A.G.M.

5.5 The Annual General Meeting

a) The A.G.M. shall consist of:

  • i. Executive Officers (6)
  • ii. Regional Delegates (12)
  • iii Sport Championship Committee Chairperson
  • iv. A representative from each member school


a) the SPORT CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE shall consist of a CHAIRPERSON and a group of coaches that attend special meetings at the time of Island Playoffs. Any interested member school may attend. Voting procedures should follow By-Law procedures. (One vote per member school attending)

5.7 Committee Chairperson – Each chairperson shall be responsible for:

a) hosting of the island playoff


c) giving a writeen report to the AGM on matters such as:

  • i proposed organizational or Rule changes for next year
  • ii Possible host for playoffs in the coming year, including site, date and organizer.
  • iii Any other information pertinent to that sport’s playoff

5.8 Election Procedures

a) The Executive, with the exception of the President, shall retire from office at each Annual General Meeting when their successors shall be elected.

b) Separate elections shall be held for each office to be filled

c) An election may be by acclamation, otherwise it shall be by secret ballot

d) If no successor is elected the person previously elected or appointed continues to hold office

e) If an Executive member resigns his or her office or otherwise ceases to hold office, the remaining Executive shall appoint a member to take the place of the former Executive member

f) No act or proceeding of the Executive Committee is invalid only by reason of there being less than the prescribed number of members in the office.

g) The term for President shall normally be two (2) years.

5.9 Renumeration

Compensation be given for services rendered on behalf of the VISSAA by its Executive members. These should include:

a) One-half day release from school to attend Executive meetings.

b) Mileage (20 cents per kilometer; one car per region); meals and refreshments (12.50); to be paid for by the VISSAA to attend Executive meetings.

c) The North region Area 3 representative and the North region Area 1 representative (depending on who drives) both receive traveling costs.


6.1 Notices of Motion for amendments, deletions or additions to the Constitution and/or By-Laws shall be sent to the Secretary four (4) weeks prior to a general meeting.

6.2 Notices of Motion for amendments, deletions or additions must be in the hands of association members two(2) weeks prior to the date of a general meeting.

6.3 Amendments approved by 75% shall be affective as of September 1st following their adoption



7.1 ( same as BCSS) The school must be accompanied by a teacher-coach, teacher sponsor, administrator or responsible adult approved by the administrator, and in accordance with the applicable school district policy. The school administrator must ensure the supervision adheres to the Athletic Program Objectives, Guidelines for Community Coaches and Coach’s Code of Conduct as outlined in the BCSS Handbook. The competition official and coordinator must be aware of who the adult supervisor is if that supervisor is a different individual than the coach. The supervisor must be in attendance for the duration of the competition.


8.1 BCSS Eligibility Rules will apply. Schools that are not BCSS members may view these rules at Member schools should refer to the BCSS Handbook Section 6.



North Vancouver Island Athletic Association (JR/ SR) – 4 delegates

Lower Vancouver Island Athletic Association (JR /SR) – 4 delegates

Central Vancouver Island Athletic Association ( JR) – 4 delgates * CARRY VOTE IN RELATION TO JR. CHAMPIONSHIPS


10.1 Jr (GR 9/10) 8 team tournaments

Eight team tournament draws (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball + Field Hockey and Rugby if enough teams are registered for a full 8 team tournament).

A proportional representation system is used to allocate berthing for a VISSAA Junior boys and girls island Championships:

The region with the most participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the largest portion of available berths.

The region with the next most participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the next largest portion of the available berths.

The region with the fewest number of participating junior teams in a specific sport is allocated the smallest portion of the available berths.

The 8th berth goes to the ‘host’ school.

All teams must have participated in, and will be seeded from the results of their area championship.

No region will ever be allocated less than one berth (not including the host berth).

In the event that all regions have an equal number of teams, the one remaining 7th berth will be allocated by a play-off game, at a mutually agreed upon neutral location, between the third place teams of the two non-host regions.

The 3 area presidents will collaborate to establish and approve the tournament templates.

To help form the tournament draw, the host zone will have their #1 seeded team placed in the pool separate from the other 2 area’s first seeded team.

The allocation of berths to a region is weighted by dividing the number of teams in that region by the quotient. The quotient is figured out by dividing the total number of participating teams by the total number of available berths, which in this case is 7. The 8th berth is granted to the host region school/team. The number of berths for each region will then be rounded using standard rounding procedures.

Example: North has 10 teams teams, Mid has 7 teams, South has 8 teams 25(total teams)/7(available berths)

25/7=3.57 (quotient)
10 teams (North)/3.57 = 2.80 rounded = 3 berths,
7 teams (Mid)/3.57 = 1.96 rounded = 2 berths,
8 teams (South)/3.57 = 2.24 rounded = 2 berths,

16/7=2.28 (quotient)
5 teams (North)/2.28 = 2.19 rounded = 2 berths,
2 teams (Mid)/2.28 = 0.87 rounded = 1 berth,
9 teams (South)/2.28 = 3.94 rounded = 4 berths,

The number of participating teams in each sport for each zone will be determined from those registered with BCSS. Only teams registered with BCSS in accordance with their registration rules and regulations will be considered as a participating team for the purpose of berthing allocations.

*** to be updated during 2012-13 to clarify the proper seed for the host.
10.2 Senior tournament
a) Senior tournament draws will be confirmed at Island AGM based on decision by Sport Championship Advisory Committee. Each of the athletic associations shall send representatives to the Island Zone Playoff based on relative participation levels (new as of 2012), according to the island tournament rules estalished by the various sports and tiers within the sport.

10.3 Entry fees for Islands
a) Entry fees will be charged by the host to cover the costs of running the Island Junior tournament. These include facilities, officials, hospitality and basic awards. (Basic awards do not include all-star medals)

b)Revenues generated at the Island Junior championships that exceed the overall budget of running the tournament must be returned to the Island association, on a prorated scale. (i.e. Any amount equal to or less than the entry fee of the host school may be kept. Excess of this amount must be returned to the island association). Revenues do not include concession.

c) Short falls from island championships are to be assumed by the host school.

the following 2 points to be approved at the 2007 AGM:

d) Entry fees for Sr. Islands may include costs for awards such as medals. Generally tournaments fees will cover actual costs and are not to be used for fund raising. Consession, tshirt sales etc may be used for fund raising.

e) Each particpating school should pay the same entry fee to the Island tournament.

10.4 Tournament Schedules for Island Zone Playoffs shall not involve more than two days of class time(this excludes travel)

10.5 The Junior Island Championshhip Rotation should be as follows: Central to North to South to Central

10.6 The keeper trophies and participation certificates for Island Championships are produced in and distributed from the South Region.

10.7 An annual calendar of Island Playoff dates and locations will be reviewed at the AGM and made available to each athletic association.


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