Island Minutes

Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Athletic Association 

2014 Annual General Meeting unadopted


Vancouver Island Secondary Schools Athletic Association

2014 Annual General Meeting

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cottonwood Golf Course – Nanaimo

1975 Haslam Rd. Cassidy, BC V9X 1T1


Start Time:  9:30am


2013 Meeting minutes (unadopted)

  1. Roll Call


Name School Email Name School Email
Nathan Johnson Nanaimo Christian Tom Veenstra Duncan Christian
Lindsay Brooke SMUS Dave Nelson Dover Bay
Adam Johnston Kelsey Jennie Hittinger Chemainus
Stacy Mitchell Gulf Islands Darren reisig Claremont
Ken Lowe Belmont Ryan Braun Stellys
Rich Fast Oak Bay Gary Baker Spectrum
Phil Ohl Claremont Kathy Andrews CRCS
Colin Cunningham Mark Isfeld Sandy Drever GMS
Butch Gayton LSS Alanna Martin Brentwood
John Philip Ballenas Travis Chater St. Marg
Richard Murphy Vanier Larry Street Vanier
Kyle MacDonald Ladysmith Nicole McRae Wellington
Heather Lederis Athletic Coordinator Madie Boulter AC
Apologies   Sue Duvall, Leanne Barcelos, Mark Hall, Ian Mackenzie, Ed Garlinge



  1. Adoption of the Minutes from 2012 Meeting Moved by Ken Lowe Seconded: Dave Nelson


  1. Business Arising from the Minutes:


– Outstanding membership fees were collected by Madie. North Island needs to collect from middle schools (that are in any Island Championship) in the future.   

– More work needed: “The 3 area presidents will collaborate to establish and approve the tournament templates” ( especially new junior tournaments)

-Darren, Jenny and John will communicate and improve tournament templates for 2013/14 year.


  1. Adoption of Executive Meeting Minutes – no meeting held this year


  1. Business Arising from Executive Meeting Minutes – no meeting held this year


  1. Treasurer’s Statement (& Budget): John Philip


– $520 collected from Adam from  Mid island.. North Island paid their fee’s in advance for the past year. This year there was excess money found, and deposited into Island account.

– Trophies: who pays for that? Commission or Island Association? Suggestion for tournament profits to go toward updating and purchasing new trophies. All schools to bear the cost for the trophies –it shouldn’t just come out of the pocket of teams at Island tournaments.

Moved by  John Phillip Seconded: Adam Johnston.

Notice of motion, the Island trophies are the property of the Island Association and therefore the Island Association is responsible for upkeep of the trophies.                                                           CARRIED


–       Budget: with addition of funds for upgrade of trophies,we need a minimum of $3500 to operate each year.  Also the number of schools is decreasing.
Moved by John Philip Seconded: Darren Reisig to have Island Association fees  increased to $70 for all schools.


Amendment to this, is that middle schools representing their own school that only participate in one Island Championship will pay a pro-rated rate of $20, and if they participate in more than one sport will pay the full  rate of $70.

Motion: John Philip  Seconded: Darren Reisig                                                                 CARRIED

– Thought to introduce new younger teachers to the Association to take over positions in the future.
  ( ie  treasurer)

–  Continuation of funding towards Island assistant ($2500 – included in budget).  This year hours of work were 175+.


Motion to Accept Treasurer’s report: Darren Reisig Seconded: Jenny Hittinger.                  CARRIED


  1. Vice-presidents’ Reports (Lower, Mid and North Island): John Philip

– John Philip will be stepping down from Vice-President and Treasurer for 2014/2015 year.

– Stresses importance of helping out, and stepping up to commissioner positions.

– No other vice president reports.


Motion  TO receive Vic President’s reports/: John Philip Seconded: Darren Reisig   CARRIED



  1. President’s Report: (Darren Reisig)

– BCSS eligibility rules, and directors at Provincial meeting are beginning to listen to Island thoughts about rule amendments.

– Thank you’s to all the folks that put in extra time to ensure good and fair island championships.
– The strength of the organization is when the presidents and commissioners and tournament coordinators communicate.


  1. Notices of Motion


    1. Moved  by: J. Phillip and G. Maitland – carried at 2012 Island  Volleyball coaches meeting
      Island AAA Championship format: Berths, host, draw
      Resolution: The Island Girls AAA Volleyball North/South berthing is determined by mathematical formula, that being:
      (The number of teams in the zone(North or south area), divided by the total number of Island AAA teams) x 8.
      The minimum number from each zone is 1.


– Island Girls AAA Volleyball  (also an issue for AA)

– Commission is in charge of Island Championships- in the absence of good island rules they will make a ruling. 

– Numbers of teams changed, but rules needed to changed to explain what you would do when registration of teams in north and south island is lopsided..                                 CARRIED



    1. Moved by: J. Phillip and seconded by  G. Maitland  (and carried at 2012 Island coaches meeting
      Island AAA Championship format: Berths, host, draw
      Resolution: The Island volleyball  tournament will have a seeded draw. This will be done by a ballot of the coaches of the qualifying teams.
      Pool A: 1,3,6,7
      Pool B: 2,4,5,8


– Move away from South and North seeding (S1, N1). Volleyball commission wants a seeded draw, Island commission has a different format. N1, S1 format which doesn’t work for AAA girls volleyball

– proposed draw is not correct. Formatting should go to 1, 4, 5, 8…..2,3,6,7

– Seeding is somewhat arbitrary, and it is difficult for coaches to agree,

– the regular format works for all other sports ( including other volleyball tiers)- we just have to address what the draw would look like when applied to the various berth options.


-after more discussion the motion was withdrawn by the mover:


Motion: John Philip Seconded: Dave Nelson
Tournament will have a draw based on the following templates. The seeding takes place in each of the areas (NVISSAA and LVISSAA)


 When berths are 7 North 1 South – use this Template

            Pool1               Pool 2

            N1                   S1

            N2                   N3

            N5                   N4

            N6                   N7


When berths 6 North 2 South Template is:

            Pool1               Pool 2

            N1                   N2

            S2                    S1

            N3                   N4

            N5                   N6


When berths 5 North 3 South Template is:

Pool1               Pool 2

N1                 N2

N4                 N5

S2                 S1

N3                 S3


When berths 4 North 4 South Template is the existing format

Pool1               Pool 2

N1                   N2

N4                   S4

S2                   S1

N3                   S3








    1. Moved by :  Cindy Cullen, Seconded by: Ken Lowe, Darren Reisig
      Junior Girls’ Basketball Motion: Vancouver Island Championship Tournament
      Resolution:  I propose that we add one more game to the junior girls’ Island tournament: a 7th/8th place game to be played as the third game Saturday morning, before the 3rd/4th place game.



 Under the current double knockout system, four teams play 3 games, two teams play 4 games, and the two weakest teams only play 2 games.  In many cases, they are out-of-town teams that have booked their hotels in advance for two nights and arranged for parents and other supporters to make the trip to watch Friday and Saturday. In our present set-up, they lose Thursday (often by a lopsided score as they’re playing one of the top seeds), lose Friday afternoon, and are then finished for the tournament.  Coaches have to decide whether to honor the hotel reservation and stay Friday night or simply to head home.  If they head home, it’s very anti-climactic and extremely frustrating for parents who may have only arrived a few hours earlier to watch the Friday game.  If they stay, they no longer feel a part of the tournament and often don’t stick around to watch any of the Saturday games.  By adding the 7th/8th place game, every team is guaranteed 3 games and is still part of the action on the final day of the tournament.  It also allows two of the weaker teams to have a competitive final game and to end the season (and for some of the girls their high school basketball careers) on a positive note. There is already a substantial gap scheduled between the 2nd game Saturday morning and the 3rd/4th place game so adding this one game would not require any major adjustment to the times for any of the other games.  It also would only add the cost of one set of referees.  I would not propose adding a 5th/6th place game, as those teams would have already played 3 games, including a Saturday morning game for a berth in the 3rd/4th place game, and there’s really no need to break a tie for 5th place in the tournament. 



    1. Moved  by:  Dale Nicks Seconded by: Kevin Lee
      Girls’ AAA Basketball Motion: Vancouver Island Championship Tournament

Resolution: The Sr girls AAA Island Championship Tournament draw should be changed so that all of the teams in tournament shall get 3 games
Rationale: The 2 teams that have lost their first 2 games would be involved in this game. This game could be played at 3:00 on Saturday. This motion was seconded by Kevin Lee (Vanier). All twelve coaches voted in favor of the motion.


After some discussion, the general consensus was that the extra games should not be added back into the draw.It is an extra expense for teams



  1.  Sports Reports and Calendar of Events for 2012-13

a)Any questions or comments about tournament this year?  The reports that were submitted  were quicly reviewed.  No particular issues were raised.

b) refer to draft chart for info about dates, locations for some of the tournaments—this will be updated as the year progresses


  1. Aquatics – – huge problems with entries. New zone rep needed and site not yet determined (?)
  2. Sr boys AAA Volleyball – South
  3. Field Hockey               AA       A                      JUNIOR

–          Sr. AA Girls Field Hockey

–          Formalizing a 5 team tournament and schedule to be used in future events

–          Take recommendation for location,  host and to Sept 5 Meeting.

  1. Boys’ Soccer                          A          AA                   AAA                 JUNIOR
  2. Cross Country
  3.  Girls  Volleyball          A          AA                   AAA                 4A                    JUNIOR

–     Senior Girls A Volleyball

–     Lindsay expressed concern over this year’s AA format and the seeded tournament.

  1. Boys  Volleyball          A          AA       AAA     JUNIOR

–          Junior Boys Volleyball

–          Discussion around the host school receiving a berth.(this is ok for the jr islands)

–          Timing of the Island Tournaments are concerning officials( all tournament are on the same weekend)


  1. Boys Basketball          A          AA       AAA     JUNIOR          grade 9

                        –    Jr. Boys Basketball

–    Want to divide Island into 2 zones (North and South) with 2 divisions each ( North and South). Will create a better balance and a more equitable draw.

  1. Girls Basketball           A          AA       AAA     JUNIOR          grade 9
  2. Curling – John Philip will arrange in Parksville—he felt he needed to step up to do this as no one else could be found.
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Wresting


  1. Girls Soccer    A          AA       AAA     JUNIOR
  2. Tennis             AA       AAA    
  3. Track and Field                      
  4. Golf    
  5. Rugby –           Jr.        Sr.

Motion to receive reports: Darren Reisig  Seconded: Butch Gayton                                   CARRIED


  1.  Election of Officers for 2013 – 2014:
    1. President – Lindsay Brooke?  To be confirmed
    2. Vice-president – Mid Island  Jennie may  do one more year, then Tom Veenstra may be able to take this on
    3. Vice-president – North Island: John Philip (last year doing this)
    4. Vice-president – South: Darren Reisig
    5. Treasurer – John Philip (Last year 2013/2014) Adam Johnston will take over in 2014/2015
    6. Secretary- TBA

Website maintenance – assistant coordinated through Heather Lederis


  1. New Business

(see BCSS resolutions for 2013/2014 season)

– BCSS resolution review. Tiers will be based on this years numbers for next year. If you are not happy with that you will appeal to BCSS.

– Schools responsibility on liability issues for kids to play.

-New rules  No restriction for Juniors playing up, on more than one level and different teams; Will be addressed at meeting in September.

– Kids who have graduated may still be able to participate on a team, have to have met 75% requirement for the year.

– Larry Street and Butch would like to come to the south Island to participate in discussion about the interpretation of the rule changes ( removal)

  1. Adjourn to lunch
    Motion: Butch Gayton Seconded: Jennie Hittinger


Golf tee times have been booked for those that have requested it

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