V.I.S.S.A.A. Sr. Badminton

 Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations need to be updated.

The top 2 teams from the North Island (based on league/tournament ranking) and the top 4 teams from the South Island (seeding based on final league ranking) will take part. The tournament will follow exactly the same format/rules as last year. 

Tournament Draw
Red Pool Blue Pool
South A1 South A2
South B1 South A3
North 2 North 1


South Side
North Side
10:30am Warm-up time (players are asked not to arrive earlier than this time)  
11:00 am Game 1: North 1 vs South 4 Game 2: North 2 vs South 3
1:00 pm Game 3: South 1 vs Winner 1 Game 4: South 2 vs Winner 2
3:00 pm Game 5: Winner 3 vs Winner 4 (1st/2nd) Game 6: Loser game 3 vs Loser 4 (3rd/4th)
  Awards Presentation

Current Tournament Information 2015

Date:   Thursday, May 7
Location:  Dover Bay Secondary School 

Tournament Contact:   Mike Clark

Pool A (Gym 1) Pool B (Gym 2)
South 1 (SMUS) South 2 (Claremont)
South 4 (Mt. Doug) South 3 (Oak Bay)
North 2 (Alberni) North 1 (Dover Bay)


Game #
Gym 1
Pool A
Gym 2
Pool B
10:00 1 & 2 North 2 vs South 1 North 1 vs South 2
11:30 3 & 4 South 1 vs South 4 South 2 vs South 3
1:00 5 & 6 North 2 vs South 4 North 1 vs South 3 
Bottom two teams are eliminated.
2:30 7 & 8 A1 vs B1 (1st/2nd) A2 vs B2 (3rd/4th)


* Please double check that all your players are registered as senior players on the BCSS roster. Any players that arrive who are not registered cannot play (insurance reasons).

* There is no entry fee for the tournament, so please bring all your warm-up birds.

* There will be limited first aid on site.  Coaches are asked to bring their own team supply kit.

* There is a cafeteria just up from the gym for food but I will double check with the school as to what we can do for food if everyone would like that sorted out.  If not, there is a Subway and several other food sources just a five minute drive up the road.

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