V.I.S.S.A.A. AAA Golf

Team Competition and Player Eligibility 

1) At all levels of competition (lower island, island, provincial) teams will consist of 5 members, however, a coach may list more than 5 players on the individual registration form.

2) In order to be eligible, a player must meet the eligibility requirements of the BC Sports Golf Commission, . Please refer to your School Athletic Director for full rules. Teams must also meet registration requirements of BC School Sports.

BCSSGA Membership / Registration

1. To be eligible to compete, all schools by April of each school year, must forward a copy of the player registration form to the BSSGA.

Rules and Regulations

1) The Rules of Golf, as approved by the Royal Canadian Golf Association shall be used. Local rules will also be in play (to be discussed at the coaches meeting).

2) LVISSA Golf competition shall take place in the spring season of play. It shall consist of an 18 hole championship tournament held in the first part of May. ***Schools may need/wish to qualify individual players or select teams through qualifying rounds (that could include other schools and/or Police Tournament results) at an accredited golf course.

3) Teams must have at least 3 members present before the first golfer tees off.

4) Note that female team members will play 1 tee up from where the boys tee off.

5)Golfers must be ranked at the time of registration (1-5). Groups will be composed of players of similar ranking. No two players representing the same school shall be in the same foursome.

6)Under no circumstance shall a team bring more than 5 eligible players to a tournament. Should one of the players be unable to participate, the remaining 4 scores shall be counted.

7) Scoring: Low 4 scores count toward team total / individual low gross scores
over 18 holes. Ties: Team retrogression (4 member team) or playoff: to be determined at coaches meeting.

8) Awards to: First three teams – low gross over 18 holes; first low gross player.


a) In the event that, prior to the start of any tournament, a player is late or is unable to play because of illness, accident, or any other extenuating circumstance deemed reasonable by the commissioner, then a member of the missing player’s school, a designated spare, may replace that player.

b) In the event that, prior to the start of the Island Championship, the commissioner determines that 2 or more members of any team are unable to play, then the runner up team from the Area Championship will take its place.

c) Dress code and course etiquette will apply according to the course where the championship is hosted.

d) The number of berths available to the lower island to advance to the Island Championship must be confirmed (5 berths in the past). The Island Tournament is held approximately the second week of May and qualifies teams for the Provincial Championships.

e) TEACHER CONTROL: At all levels of competition, teams must be accompanied by a teacher coach or teacher sponsor onsite for the duration.

Current Tournament Information 2016

2016 AAA Golf Island Championship
Date:  Thursday, May 19, 2016
Location:  Gorge Vale Golf Club, Victoria
Tournament Organizer:  Darren Reisig

2016 AAA Golf Island Championship Results
1.  Belmont 307
2.  Claremont 310
3.  Spectrum 321
4.  Mt. Doug 327
5.  Dover Bay 328
6.  Mark Isfeld 347
7.  Alberni 349
8.  Timberline 362
9.  Ballenas 366
10.  Oak Bay 383
2016 AAA Golf Island Championship – Individual Awards
Low Gross Female and Overall – 70 – Ayano Taskaski – Claremont
Low Gross Male – 72 – Keaton Gudz – Spectrum

Congratulations to Belmont, Claremont, Spectrum and Mt. Doug for qualifying for the 2016 AAA Golf BC Championship
at Ledgeview Golf & Country Club in Abbotsford on June 6 to 8.

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