Junior Rugby

V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Boys’ Rugby 

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are out of date due to a shortage of teams. The tournament size will vary from year to year.

1. The Island Championship Tournament shall be an 8 team tournament and the draw will conform to the Constitution – Article 9.2

North Region Hosts
South Region Hosts
Central Region Hosts
Game 1 N1 vs S3 Game 1 S1 vs N3 Game 1 S1 vs N3
Game 2 S2 vs N3 Game 2 N2 vs S3 Game 2 N2 vs C2
Game 3 C1 vs N2 Game 3 C1 vs S2 Game 3 C1 vs S2
Game 4 N4 vs S1 Game 4 N1 vs S4 Game 4 N1 vs S3
S = South Region
N = North Region
C = Central Region


Draw Format


Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5 Loser G1 vs Loser G2
Game 6 Loser G3 vs Loser G4
Game 7 Winner G1 vs Winner G2
Game 8 Winner G3 vs Winner G4
Game 9 Winner G5 vs Winner G6 (4th & 6th)
Game 10 Loser G7 vs Loser G 8 (3rd & 5th)
Game 11 Winner G7 vs Winner G8 (1st & 2nd)
* no game for 7th & 8th

2. All tournament games will be thirty (30) minute halves.

3. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, a re-toss will take place and two five minute halves will be played with the team scoring first declared the winner.

4. If the score remains tied, the B.C. High School tie breaker will be used:

a) team with the most tries

b) team with the most converted tries

c) team with the most drop kicks

d) team with the most penalty goals

e) the first points scored in the game (introduced in 1996)

f) if the game is 0-0, result determined by coin toss (introduced in 1996)

5. If a tie still remains:

a) for quarter and semi-finals a coin toss shall determine the winner.

b) for placing (Saturday games) teams shall share the placing, including the Championship.

6. There shall be awards for all eight teams with seventh and eights place team awards reading “Participant”.

7. There will be no game for seventh and eight placing.

8. Teams will only play one game on Friday and a maximum of two games on Saturday.

9. There shall be no restriction regarding the number of substitutions to be used, but no re-entry except for a front row player due to injury.

10. Where not already stipulated in these rules, teh laws of Rugby Football Union as per the IRFB shall prevail.

11. A coaches meeting will be held during the tournament to discuss recommendations.

Current Tournament Information 2016

2016 Vancouver Island Senior Boys and Junior Boys RUGBY Playoffs
Click for Word Document…  2016 Island Junior Boys Rugby

All games to be played Tuesday, May 17.
Venues:  UVIC’s Wallace Field and Brentwood College

at Brentwood College

200pm – South AA #2 (GNS) vs North Island AA #3 (NDSS)

330pm – South AAA #2 (Claremont) vs North Island AAA #3 (GP Vanier)

500pm – South AAA #3 (Belmont) vs North Island AAA #2 (Cowichan)

at Wallace Field (UVIC)

200pm – South AA #3 (EMCS) vs North AA #2 (Frances Kelsey)

330pm – South AA #1 (SMUS) vs North AA #1 (Brentwood)

500pm – South Junior #1 (Oak Bay) vs North Junior #1 (Shawnigan)

630pm – South AAA #1 (Oak Bay) vs North AAA #1 (Shawnigan)

Length of game AND tie-break protocol

Each of the above games will be 2 x 30 minute halves. The North zone team will make the call on the pre-game coin toss.

If the game is tied after regulation time, the referee will re-toss, with the South zone team making the call. The teams will then play 2 v 5 minutes “sudden death” extra time (first score of any kind conclusive). If no points are scored in extra time, the winner of the game will be decided via the BCSSRU Tournament tie-break formulae, as listed below.

a) most tries
b) most converted tries
c) most drop goals
d) most penalty goals
e) first team to score
f) coin flip (if game is 0-0)

Games at UVIC

Mackinnon Gym will be available for teams to change. Players must not wear rugby boots in the building.

UVIC pay parking lots around Wallace Field will be patrolled by UVIC Security. Please obey all signs in order to avoid tickets.

Competing teams are responsible for their own medical coverage and personnel.

There will be access to water at Wallace Field.

Games at Brentwood

Please follow the Tournament Parking signs upon entry to the campus.

Changing rooms are available in the Sportsplex.  Marius Felix (game coordinator) or any Brentwood staff member can assist as required with directions.

A Brentwood nurse will be available for any emergencies, but competing teams are otherwise responsible for their own medical coverage and personnel.

Additional information

All teams must supply a properly trained touch judge (though the VIRSS will attempt to provide ARs). Each team is responsible for providing a high quality match ball.

Brentwood College and UVIC Rugby will be responsible for lining fields and providing touch flags/post pads as required.

The changing rooms at Brentwood College and UVIC will not be locked. Teams are NOT to change on the field!! Teams are responsible for their own equipment, medical supplies and valuables. Enter/use the changing room only when it has been vacated by the team playing in the preceding match.

Post-game showers will be available as required in the Brentwood Sportsplex and UVIC (Mackinnon) gymnasium.

Replacements and non-playing personnel must stay in the assigned technical areas (between the 10m lines on each side of the field). Parents, brothers, sisters, other friends are NOT allowed in the technical area under any circumstances.

On completion of a game, the competing teams must leave their respective technical areas tidy.

All spectators must stay behind the ropes.

Additional playoff information, in regard to the May 25-28 BC Junior, AA, AAA and Tournaments, will be sent May 19.

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