V.I.S.S.A.A. Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis  

Rules and Regulations

(Rules follow B.C.S.S.T.A. standards)  
1) A team is to consist of a minimum of 5 boys and 5 girls.
2) A set is concluded when one player has won 6 games (add scoring). Only one set per individual match. Players will spin for service or side and will change sides after the first and every odd game. The 12-point tiebreaker rule will be played at 5 – 5. Matches must be completed (i.e. 11 sets) unless weather does not permit.
3) An interschool match will consist of 11 sets as follows (total of 11 sets):
  • 1 boys’ singles (3 sets)
  • 1 girls’ doubles (3 sets)
  • 1 mixed doubles (3 sets)

BOYS (4 sets):

  • 1 boys’ doubles (any team) 
  • 1 boys’ doubles (other team)
  • 2 doubles teams alternate

GIRLS (4 sets): 

  • 1 girls’ doubles (any team) 
  • 1 girls’ doubles (other team) 
  • 2 doubles teams alternate

4) Coaches should list players for the first six matches. There is no penalty for substituting players into the second round of matches.

5) A player is eligible for play in only one of the above divisions in any one match.
6) Please note there is no longer a best player rule. Coaches may organize their teams to create the strongest combination of players but no players may play more than 2 matches.
7) Coaches are encouraged to teach and demonstrate the qualities of good sportsmanship and court etiquette.
8) In the B.C. Championships, it is permissible to coach your team on an end change as long as this does not cause a delay in the match (1 minute).
9) Registration : On line player registration (team list) to BCSS , by April 12
10) Play will take place in a single round robin in each tier. Results from league shall be used to seed teams into island playoff competition. (No Lower Islands) In the event of a three-way tie, total sets won/lost will be used, and if still tied, total games won/lost will be used.
11) The following Individual Events contribute to a team results: Boys singles, girls singles, mixed doubles, boys doubles (A &B) girls doubles (A & B) To determine order of the sets to be played, please use the attached score sheets During set play the 12 point tie breaker rule will be played at 5-5, to match BC rules.
12) Home Teams are responsible for contacting visiting teams. Match days are the days mutually agreed on by both teams for a particular week. Where possible, games should be scheduled on Wednesdays to allow students and coaches to plan this day free of other commitments. Reschedule rained out matches as soon as possible and let the commissioner know.  Host coach should wait as long as possible (no later than noon) before deciding to cancel games due to rain. Time for make up games is limited.
13) Minimum of two new tins of regulation (brand name!) balls per match per team are required. (Each team brings at least 2 tins).
14) During a match, all coaches and players who are not playing must remain outside the fence and watch the match from the outside. If this is not possible due to site set up, people and their bags should remain as close to the inside of the fence as possible. 15 ) During the change over of any particular set during a match, coaches will be permitted 90 seconds to coach their respective players. In accordance with the “inside the fence” rule, discussion should be taking place with the coach outside of the fence and with the players coming to meet the coach at the fence. 16 ) All teams must be accompanied by a teacher/coach/sponsor or a adult approved by the School Administrator. This “supervisor” must be in attendance for the duration of the competition. If a supervisor is not present within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, the team at fault will forfeit.
17) A player must have played a minimum of two league games to be eligible for Playoff competition.

AA Current Tournament Information 2014

Dates: May 6th, 2014 

Tournament Contact: Marci Maclean – Brentwood

Location: Brentwood College School, 2735 Mt. Baker Road, Mill Bay, BC
Shawnigan Lake School, 1975 Renfrew Road, Shawnigan Lake, BC

Cost: $30 for cost of balls


South North
1. Lambrick Park 1. Shawnigan Lake
2. GNS 2. Brentwood
3. St Michaels 3. Frances Kelsey
4. Esquimalt

Draw/ Schedule:


Match 1 -0900  @SLS- South # 2 ( GNS) vs South  # 4     (Esquimalt)
Match 2 – 0900@BCS North #2  (Brentwood) vs South   # 3   ( SMU)
Match 3 -0900 @BCS- South #1  (Lambrick) vs North #3   ( Frances Kelsey)

Match 4– 12:00 @BCS- Winner #1 vs North #1 ( Shawnigan)
Match 5 – 12:00 @BCS – Winner #2 vs Winner #3

Match 6– 1200 @ SLS – Loser M#2 vs Loser M#3

Match 8 – 1500  @SLS   Winner M#6 vs Loser M#4
Match 7 – 1500 @ BCS   Loser M#1 vs Loser M #5

Match 9 – 1500 @BCS Winner M#4 vs Winner M#5                      
Winner is AA Island Champion

Runner up receives #2 Berth from the Island

 Match 10 –  Time/Location to be agreed upon by both coaches – must be played by May 12.

If no agreement reached – time/location will be set by Commissioner or Darrin Austin, Secretary/Treasurer , if Brentwood is involved.

Winner M#7    vs              winner M#8

Winner receives #3 Berth from the island.

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