Junior Girls

V.I.S.S.A.A. Junior Girls Basketball

Rules and Regulations

Updated January 2017

1. The JG Basketball Island Championship shall be an eight team tournament.

As stated in ARTICLE X – ISLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS of the VISSAA Constitution, berthing allocation for seven teams will be based on a proportional representation system from the three areas (North, Central and South) plus the eighth berth will go to the host school.

Only teams registered with BCSS in accordance with their registration rules and regulations will be considered as a participating team for the purpose of berthing allocations.

The draw for the JG Basketball Island Championship will be as follows depending on the host area. 
When the Mid hosts, the Mid will select one of the two options listed below.

South Host 
North Host 
Mid Host
Mid Alternate
Game 1- S1 - N3 
Game 1- N1 - S3
Game 1- M1 - S2
Game 1- M1 - N2
Game 2- N2 - S3
Game 2- S2 - N3
Game 2- N1 - S3
Game 2- N1 - S3
Game 3- M1 - S2 
Game 3- M1 - N2
Game 3- M2 - N2
Game 3- M2 - S2
Game 4- S4 - N1
Game 4- N4 - S1
Game 4- S1 - N3
Game 4- S1 - N3
S= South
N= North
M= Mid

2. The tournament will be held on the weekend that includes the last Friday of February.

3. The tournament will be held over two days from Friday to Saturday when not hosted in Nanaimo; otherwise, the tournament will be held over three days from Thursday to Saturday. 

4. When the tournament is held over three days, the first game shall begin at 3:30 pm on the opening day of the tournament.  When the tournament is held over two days, there will be eight games on the first day and five games on the second day.

5. All challenge games must be completed by the Tuesday preceding the Island Tournament.

6. Keeper plaques will be provided for the top 3 placing teams in the tournament.  The reasonable cost of the keeper plaques will be covered as part of the entry fee.

7. Games will be four (4) eight minute quarters of stop time.  The penalty rule shall be in effect on the 5th team foul in the quarter.

8. When the tournament is held over three days, the tournament committee has the power to arrange the order of games on Thursday and Friday, but the loser of game four on Friday shall not play the first game on Saturday morning.

9. The draw for the tournament will include the provision to ensure that the second semi-final does not have a team playing back to back games.

10. A 13th game for seventh and eighth will be scheduled as the third game Saturday morning before the game for third and fourth.

11. Modified FIBA rules shall apply in all instances with the following exception:  the small key is retained.

12. The possession arrow is in effect for the Island Championship.

13. The 3 point line is in effect for the Island Championship.

14. The Island Championship Trophy shall be awarded.

15. A Coaches’ Meeting will be held during the tournament to discuss recommendations and tournament business.

JG Basketball Island Championship
Three Day Draw Format

Game 1 – 3:30 pm
Game 2 – 5:00 pm
Game 3 – 6:30 pm
Game 4 – 8:00 pm
Game 5 – 3:30 pm Loser G3 vs Loser G4
Game 6 – 5:00 pm Loser G1 vs Loser G2
Game 7 – 6:30 pm Winner G1 vs Winner G2 (SEMIFINAL)
Game 8 – 8:00 pm Winner G3 vs Winner G4 (SEMIFINAL)
Game 9 – 9:00 am Loser G7 vs Winner G5
Game 10 – 10:30 am Winner G6 vs Loser G8
Game 11 – 12:00 am Loser G5 vs Loser G6 (7th/8th)
Coaches’ Meeting @ 1:30 pm
Game 12 – 2:30 pm Winner G10 vs Winner G9 (3rd/4th)
Game 13 – 4:00 pm Winner G7 vs Winner G8 (FINAL)

Note:  The higher seed will be the HOME team and wear light colours.  If the seeds are equal, then the team listed on the bottom of the draw or the host area will be the HOME  team.

2016 Tournament Information

2016 Junior Girls Basketball Island Championship
Hosted by Royal Bay Secondary School
February 19-20, 2016

Game # Home Team Visiting Team Venue Game Time
1 South 1
Royal Bay
North 3
Dover Bay
Royal Bay 11:30 AM 
2 North 2
South 3
Royal Bay 2:30 PM 
   3   North 1
Mark Isfeld
South 4
Oak Bay
Royal Bay 1:00 PM
4 South 2
Mid 1
Royal Bay 10:00 AM 
COACHES’ MEETING @ 4:00 PM at Royal Bay.
5 Loser Game 1 Loser Game 2 Dunsmuir 6:30 PM
6 Loser Game 3 Loser Game 4 Dunsmuir 5:00 PM
7 Winner Game 3 Winner Game 4 Royal Bay 5:00 PM
8 Winner Game 1 Winner Game 2 Royal Bay 6:30 PM
Game # Home Team Visiting Team Venue Game Time 
9 Loser Game 7 Winner Game 5 Belmont 9:00 AM 
10 Winner Game 6 Loser Game 8 Royal Bay 9:00 AM 
11 Loser Game 5 Loser Game 6 Royal Bay 10:30 AM
 12 Winner Game 9 Winner Game 10 Royal Bay 12:30 PM
13 Winner Game 8 Winner Game 7 Royal Bay 2:00 PM


2014 Tournament Results

1st Place – Oak Bay

2nd Place – Dover Bay

3rd Place – Mark Isfeld

4th Place – SMUS

5th Place  – Vanier / Claremont

7th Place  – Brentwood / Gulf Islands

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