Girls AA

V.I.S.S.A.A. Senior Girls’ AA Basketball 

Rules and Regulations

a.Player Eligibility

  • i.All student athletes must meet the applicable eligibility requirements of BCSS and applicable Sport Commission rules.
  • ii.All BCSS rules on student-athlete eligibility will be followed (see BCSS Handbook, section D), this includes movement between teams, such as bringing a junior team player up to the senior team.
  • iii.All players must be properly registered with BCSS.

b.Team Eligibility

  • i.All BCSS rules on team eligibility and tiering classifications will be followed (see BCSS Handbook, section C)
  1. ii.‘AAA’ – 226 or more girls in grades 11 and 12
  2. ‘AA’ – 81-225 girls in grades 11 and 12
  3. ‘A’ – 80 or fewer girls in grades 11 and 12
  • iii.Schools that qualify under a particular tier will not be allowed to register second teams in a different tier.
  • iv.Teams will only be allowed to compete in Island tournaments corresponding to the tier for which they are registered.
  • v.Schools must declare their teams as ‘A’, ‘AA’, or ‘AAA’ in early October of the current playing year with BCSS on the Sport Declaration page (exact date is released by BCSS at the start of each school year).
2.Geographic Regions
a.  Updated…  February 2015   The Vancouver Island zone is divided into two regions:

  • i.The north zone for SG AA BB is Ladysmith and above including Powell River.
  • ii.The south zone for SG AA BB is south of Ladysmith (not including Ladysmith) and including the Gulf Islands.

b.Each region is responsible for determining which teams shall compete in the Island tournament. 

c.Each region is to appoint a coordinator to organize league schedules and assist the Vancouver Island Zone Rep.

3.General Meetings of the Island Membership
a.The annual general meeting will be held in October on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving at 12:00 pm at a mutually agreed upon site.

b.Every ‘AA’ school on Vancouver Island in good standing (i.e. registered with BCSS) is entitled to have a representative attend a general meeting. Each school shall have one vote only. The right to vote shall be exercised in person and there shall be no proxy voting. 

c.The Zone Rep or a designate shall chair all general meetings held by the membership.

d.An Island coaches meeting is held at the Island tournament in February. This meeting is at 1:00pm at the school hosting the tournament and is open to all member coaches.
4.Constitution Amendments
a.Any additional motions to the constitution or amendments to the constitution must have a mover and a seconder who shall be members in good standing with BCSS. The amendments shall be in the hands of the Zone Rep 30 days prior to the annual general meeting. All amendments shall be circulated to the membership at least 14 days prior to the annual general meeting in October
5.Duties of Officers
a. Zone Rep

  • i.There is a Zone Rep for each tier A, AA, AAA. Each Zone Rep is responsible for coordinating the schools in their respective tiers.
  • ii.To encourage strongly all teams in their zone to register properly with BCSS.
  • iii.To ensure that only BCSS member schools and registered players participate in the zone play offs.
  • iv.To ensure that your zone conducts its zone play offs to declare zone representative teams, atleast 10 calendar days prior to the first day of the provincial tournament. 
  • v.To attend and chair all meetings held by the zone.
  • vi.To act as a liaison for the Island tournament.

b.South Island/North Island Coordinator / Commissioner

  • i.To complete a league schedule for all participating teams in that geographic area.
  • ii.To advise the zone rep of the standings of teams in their area.
  • iii.To report on league results at the Island coaches meeting. 
  • iv.To assist the zone Rep or Island tournament committee with the gathering of information. 
  • v.As a general rule, all league games should be played. Coaches should work together with the league commissioner to work out schedule revisions due to lack of gym availability or extreme weather conditions.

c.Island zone executive membership

  • i.At any time the Island zone could have a B.C. executive member. This person would serve BCSSGBA in their official capacity and would also report at general meetings.

6.The ‘AA’ Girls Island Tournament

  • i.The discussion about hosting the Island tournament is an agenda item at the coaches meeting in February (in preparation for hosting the following year). 
  • ii.The tournament rotates from north to south“areas” each year. To document recent tournament locations:
  1. a.2009 – Lambrick Park
  2. b.2010 – Carihi
  3. c.2011 – South (TBA)
  4. 2013 – SMUS
  5. 2014 – Mark Isfeld
  6. 2015 – SMUS
  • iii.If a host school was not declared at the February coaches meeting then the issue will be addressed at the Island AGM in October.
  • iv.“Areas” may put in a rotation of sites at their discretion.

b.Tournament structure

  • i.The tournament is to be an eight team competition over three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
  • ii.The start times for games on Thursday and Friday are 2:00 pm, 3:45 pm, 5:30 pm, 7:15 pm. 
  • iii.Each game is to be given a minimum warm up of ten minutes with a ten minute interval at half time. 
  • iv.The home team in any tournament game will be the team with the higher area standing. When two teams meet with equal standing then the home team will be the team from the area where the tournament is being played. 
  • v.The home team is to wear light uniforms with the visitors wearing dark uniforms.
  • vi.In consideration of fan support or travelling distance the tournament committee has the power to arrange the order of games on Thursday. 
  • vii.When only two berths to the B.C. tournament exist when under the existing tournament format the third place team has the right to challenge the second place team if the challenging team has not played the second place team in the tournament. 
  • viii.The decision to challenge must be made at the conclusion of the tournament and will be played on the Monday following the tournament at the home of the second place team.
  • ix.When 2.5 berths to the B.C. tournament exist, the third place team can not challenge the second place finisher. Instead, they must play in a wildcard game as determined by the BCSSGBA. To document recent wildcard game locations:
  1. a.2009 – Woodlands (Island)
  2. b.2010 – York House (Mainland)
  3. c.2011 – Island (TBA)


  • i.The North and South area shall have four berths each. However, if the number of registered schools in one area is greater by two or more schools then that area will receive an extra berth. The fifth place team from one area would occupy the fourth seed from the other area in the tournament draw. In the event that this occurs, the fourth place team from the area with the fewer number of registered schools can challenge the fifth place team from the other area for that last berth. For example, if the North has 10 teams and the South has 7 teams, then South4 can challenge North5 for the last island berth. This game is played at a neutral site on the Monday/Tuesday before the Island tournament.
  • ii.A team is eligible for tournament play if it has fulfilled its league commitments.


  • i.The size of the playing surface must be a minimum of 84 feet by 45 feet.
  • ii.The backboards are to be glass and must extend four feet from the baseline.
  • iii.There should be adequate seating for spectators.


  • i.A protest committee should be put together and made known to all coaches prior to the start of the tournament. It is recommended that a committee of 3 people be named and be made known prior to the start of the tournament. It may include, for example, the tournament chairman, the game director and an official or all star selector. 
  • ii. Notice of protest of tournament games must be made with the tournament director before one hour has elapsed from the completion of the game which to be protested. This notice is to be in writing.


  • i.The tournament chairman should submit the dates of the tournament and the number of games to the referee allocator in the area at the start of the basketball season. 
  • ii.Where a shortage of referees appears likely the allocator will contact other associations for additional referees. Only qualified (BCBOA) referees should be contacted.
  • iii.Accommodation, food and transportation allowances will be paid to officials by the host school.

g.Chairman’s responsibility

  • i.The chairman will book the facility and contact the referees association early in the season.
  • ii.A committee will be organized to arrange for score keepers.
  • iii.To obtain the perpetual trophy from the previous winner.
  • iv.Submit a tournament report to VISSA and to the Zone Rep within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the tournament. The VISSA report template can be found on the VISSA website:

h.Tournament draw


  • i.The entry fee should only be used to cover expenses for referees, refreshments for a coaches room and food for the coaches meeting.
  • ii.Individual awards and programs are optional and at a cost to the host school. T-shirts can be made, but are optional for teams and should not be included in the entry fee. 
  • iii.The main sources of revenue from this tournament are a gate, concession and perhaps some program advertising.
7.Qualification for the B.C. Tournament 
a.At present Vancouver Island typically receives 2.5 berths to the B.C. tournament based on the total number of registered schools. 

 b.An executive committee names wildcard berths to the B.C. tournament based on Top Ten polls and tournament successes. Therefore, the third place team could earn their spot at the B.C. tournament.

8. B.C. Annual General Meeting
a.On the Saturday morning of the AA B.C. tournament is the B.C. AGM open to all coaches.

b.Each school is entitled to vote on issues discussed and may nominate and vote for executive positions for the upcoming year. 


Current Tournament Information 2016

2016 SG AA BB Island Championship
Location:  Wellington Secondary School
February 18 – 20, 2016
Nicole McRae

1.  PCS 1.  Ballenas
2.  SMUS 2.  Mark Isfeld
3.  Gulf Islands 3.  Kwalikum
4.  Lambrick 4. Wellington                                 

2016 SG AA BB Island Championship Draw

2016 SG AA BB Island Championship Information

2016 SG AA BB Island Championship Draw


Game #  Home team   Visiting team     Game Time

1                      PCS                Wellington       2:00 pm

2                      Isfeld              Gulf Islands    3:45 pm

3                      SMUS               Kwalikum        5:30 pm

4                      Ballenas        Lambrick        7:15 pm


Game #  Home team   Visiting team                   Game Time

5           Loser Game 1         Loser Game 2          2:00 pm

6          Loser Game 3          Loser Game 4          3:45 pm

7          Winner Game 1       Winner Game 2       5:30 pm   (Semi)

8          Winner Game 3       Winner Game 4       7:15 pm   (Semi)


Game #  Home team          Visiting team            Game Time

9          Winner Game 6        Loser Game 7         9:00 am

10       Loser Game 8          Winner Game 5       10:45 am

11       Winner Game 10     Winner Game 9       4:15 pm (3rd/4th)

12       Winner Game 7       Winner Game 8       6:00 pm (1st/2nd)

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