V.I.S.S.A.A. Gymnastics  

Rules and Regulations


(2012-2013 School Year)

Full PDF of High School Code for Gymnastics.  Click HERE.

Excerpt follows:

Recognized zone-qualifying competition:  Central Vancouver Island Secondary School Gymnastics Championship


All gymnasts must be eligible in accordance with the BC SCHOOL SPORTS Eligibility Rules (see attached addendum) or the BCSS 2012-2013 Handbook & Directory.


       Girls’ Qualifying

       1.    The zones are Central Vancouver Island, Lower Vancouver Island, Vancouver, North Shore, Coquitlam, Surrey, Delta, Upper Fraser Valley, Fraser Valley, North Okanagan, West Kootenay, Upper Island, Peace River, North Central, North, West and South Okanagan.  Schools from other areas of the province will form zones as per their local Athletic Association.

2.    Berths for the B.C. Championship will be allotted according to the formula:  number of competitors at zone championships (0-15 gymnasts = 3 gymnasts to championships; 16-25 = 4 to championships; 26-35 = 5 to championships; 36-45 = 6 to championships; 46-55 = 7 championships; over 55 = 9 to championships) per Level.  The Zone Representative will be informed of berth allocations as soon as number of participating schools in zonal championship is confirmed.

3.    Berths can only qualify for the B.C. Championship through the zone-qualifying meet.

4.    In addition to zonal qualifications the host school will be allowed to send additional girls to make up a full team for the host school.  A full team consists of 3 gymnasts per level.

       5.    Zone berths are comprised of the top 4-event all-round girls in each level.  The number of berths is qualified by K2.

  1. A qualified gymnast should have competed in at least 1 meet prior to the B.C. Championship.  In areas where there is no meet within a reasonable travelling distance, these meets may be inter-squad meets.

7.    Additional level 3,4,5 girls above the berthing allotment may be petitioned to compete at BC’s – attention to Commissioner.

       Boys’ Qualifying

              All boys are invited to the Provincial Meet.  Coaches should send only boys that are able to achieve 8 out of a possible 12/14 on each competing event.  In the event that there will be too many boys attending the B.C. Championship, the Commissioner will notify schools as soon as possible.

Team Qualifying

       Girls’ Team

              The first place girls’ team in zone championships will qualify as a team. (3 per Level) Not on top of the ones you are already bringing but in total. For example 2 of your girls in level 1 make team for your school, you win top team overall you may bring one more to make 3 in level 1. If you already have 3 attending in that level you do not get extra spots. This is for all levels.

       School Team

              The first place school team in zone championships will qualify as a full team – Boys and Girls (3 per Level).  For additional gymnasts to qualify to the B.C’s contact the commissioner.


1.    Must be a member of the committee hosting the zone qualifying meet.

2.    Must see that the zone qualifying meet is run in a manner that will allow eligible contestants to qualify for the B.C. Championship; i.e. meet is completed by February 25th, 2010.

3.    Must see that all coaches and qualifying gymnasts are fully informed about pertinent instructions and information concerning the B.C. Championship.

  1. Must encourage schools to submit their entry fee and entry forms as per the previous text B.3.a), b), and c) on page 1.
  2. Must be responsible for making any changes to the zone qualifiers.
  3. May conduct a general meeting of zone coaches at the zone-qualifying meet.  This meeting is to determine the Zone Representative for the next year and recommendations to the B.C.S.S.G.A.’s AGM.
  4. Will be responsible for setting league play for the following school year.
  5. Must send zone results to commissioner.

Suggested League Practices:

  1. Each school has at least one dual meet with each school in their zone.  In the case of a zone that is composed of a division(s), then each school in a division should have at least one dual meet with each school in their respective division. All league play must be finished before the zone-qualifying meet.
  2. These dual meets may be bars, side horse, parallel bar, or full meet
  3. A zone may elect to have levels within its zone.  Levels may be formed due to geographical distance, number of registered schools, or any other reason deemed appropriate by the registered schools within that zone.

9.    Discuss with Commissioner re:  appeals due to sickness/injury resulting in no participation at zone qualifying meet. See L-1

       10. Assure that all gymnasts who compete in zone qualifying meet come from a registered school before they compete and have paid their entry fee. “Very Important”

11. Obtain the sanction of the local Athletic Association for qualifying zone meet.  This should provide a budget, trophies and liability coverage for zone meet

  1. Information re: meet schedule, contact people, meet entry fee, etc. will be mailed to all registered schools in January.
  1. 2.  SCHOOL & TEAM REGISTRATION – Refer to Section C2 “Registration Requirements”, pg 83 of the BC SCHOOL SPORTS Handbook.
 ALL Player Registration Forms will now be completed using the BCSS “On-line” Registration system, no hardcopy PRF will be accepted by BCSS.

a)  In order to register your school, make sure that your Athletic Director has declared gymnastics on the “on-line” system with BC SCHOOL SPORTS before October 1st.  Please complete the coach’s information when declaring gymnastics.


c)    Each School and Feeder School must register separately.  Students can only compete for the school at which they are enrolled.

C.    ROUTINES                                                              

Boys’ Events (Olympic Order)       Girls’ Events (Olympic Order)
Floor Exercise Vault
Pommel Horse Uneven Bars
Rings Balance Beam
Vault Floor Exercise
Parallel Bars  
High Bar  


       There are 5 levels.  The levels are named I, II, III, IV and V.  Level V is the most advanced skill level.

a) All-round means best six events for boys and best four events for girls.

b )   A gymnast may advance through levels more quickly than these rules state.  Once a gymnast competes at a zone playoff or BCSSGA Championship he/she can only go back in levels upon successful appeal to the Girls or Boys Representative (Note exception Level V  –  E.2. V).  Level cannot be changed between zone meet and B.C. Championship.

c)  A gymnast must compete in one level only in a zone qualifying meet and BCSSGA Championship.

d)   An appeal may be made to the Commissioner if at any one level the numbers competing are insufficient to warrant the top three advancing to the next level.



       1.    Medical byes must be appealed to the zone representative and are only successful if there is room in the zone allotment.

       2.    In the event of a misrepresentation of either the Boys’ or Girls’ Rules, the coach must contact the respective Boys’ or Girls’ Rep. The Rep, after discussions with coach, judge, head judge, and Meet Coordinator, will adjudicate on the matter.  If the Rep is unavailable, then the Meet Coordinator assumes her/his role for the appeal.

3.    In the event there is a misinterpretation of the Rules and Regulations or the Rules and Regulations do not cover a case, or they are unfair as applied to a particular situation, a coach must appeal the situation to the Commissioner.  The Commissioner will communicate the decision and reasons to the Board of Directors at its annual meeting.  They will decide if the decisions are to be published in that meeting’s minutes.

Current Tournament Information 2013. 
No information provided for 2014 or 2015.

Tournament Coordinator: Rhonda Dale
Date: February 9 & 10
Location: Comox 

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